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Board-up: Terminology used to describe the closing in of an opening (hole), window, door, roof, etc. - within a structure, therefore, securing and protecting a property from vandalism and weather elements.

You might be asking yourself when do I need to get a board up? Well here are some instances to help you determine if and when you would need one:

1.) Anytime that it is necessary to rapidly secure a building qualifies as a situation that needs emergency board up services. Most of the time, these situations occur in response to damage caused by violent weather or by unexpected disasters such as fires, explosions and break-ins.

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2.) Fires can cause serious structural damage to family homes, commercial properties, factories and other structures, leaving the interiors open to further damage (theft, rain or wind etc). After a fire, emergency board up services are urgently needed to secure both personal effects and the properties themselves from further loss or damage. Our professional staff will be able to seal and secure difficult openings caused by fire damage. Buildings that have been condemned by fire departments need to be boarded up to prevent unsafe entry as well.

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3.) Accidental explosions are terrifying. So after you make sure that everyone is out of the building and safe, the very next thing you need to do is call Harlow Glaziers Capital Glaziers Ltd  - Glass & Board Up Service because we are an emergency board up service that will secure the structure by sealing all openings against intruders. In addition to broken windows that may eventually lead to water damage from rain, properties damaged by explosions are often structurally unsafe, and preventing people from entering them will protect them against injury and protect the owner against possible liabilities.


4.) Typically, thieves do not choose to break into stores and homes during office hours. So unfortunately late after hours you get a call from a police officer stating that someone has just robbed you and therefore your picture window to your business has been smashed, so you would need Harlow Glaziers Capital Glaziers Ltd  - Glass & Board Up Service to come and secure your property until we are able to install the new glass, and the same goes for your home as well. We will be your best friend at 2 o'clock in the morning.

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5.) Freak accidents where a driver loses control and smashes his/her vehicle into the side of a building are more frequent than you may think. Authorities (Fire Department or Police Department) usually assess the extent of the damage caused by such accidents. They will determine whether the building is safe to enter or not. Should this happen to your property, you will need a emergency board Up to protect yourself and your property until it is repaired.

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6.) Sometimes, however, emergency board up services may be needed after an everyday accident. When a child breaks a patio door glass practicing his baseball pitching technique at 9:30 pm, you will need Harlow emergency board up services to seal that window until you can order the new window /glass and while you wait for it to arrive. Trees that fall on glass doors at inconvenient times are another reason why you may need to quickly board up an opening until it can be permanently repaired

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